Use the letter “A” to Manage your Stress


Stress is bound to happen no matter what but how we deal with can help us reduce the amount of it.  Who doesn’t want to feel less stressed? Maybe we can actually enjoy Manic Monday’s. Check out the 3 ways to manage your stress: 

1) Avoid it. Remove yourself from the stressful situation when you can; don’t purposely put yourself into situations that you know are highly stressful for you; don’t dwell on thoughts that raise your stress level 

2) Make Adjustments. Do what you can to change the stressful situation 

3) Alter your thinking. If you can’t change something, change your thoughts about it so you don’t perceive it as stressful. Or change the way you cope with it so you can handle it better. 

Avoiding, Adjusting & Altering,

Shayla Peterson, LCSW

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